Hi everyone!


I started Sugar Bands by accident.  I love to make crafts out of various materials and was exploring how to make fake candy for Valentine’s Day decorations.  (I also love to decorate for holidays because my mom always did!)  I discovered how to make all sorts of fake candy.  My favorite exploration was learning how to make fake lollipops.  My goal was to make these into lightweight, wearable treats for everyday fashion.  I chose to make animal ears for my love of all animals, and because they look super cute!


My passion grew from there.  I started exploring how to make other candies that would look cute on headbands and branched out into making necklaces.  I’m far from being done!  I have new ideas every day that I plan on executing and introducing to the Sugar Bands line.


As much as I love crafting, I have to say that my favorite part of this whole process is my daughter, Hailey, asking me to make headbands and necklaces just for her.  Without her enthusiasm for all sweets, I don’t know if this idea would’ve progressed the way it did.  I love that we can work on this together as a mother-daughter team.  Hailey has been very instrumental on coming up with ideas for new headbands, guidance on colors and designs, and supporting Sugar Bands every step of the way!


It’s just as important to me that visiting the website will lead to fun experiences with your own kids.  I wanted to create an environment where guests can browse our creations, but also offer some activities you can do together!  We invite you to stop back often for new material that you can print out or download.


Both Hailey and I hope that you love to visit the website and wear the Sugar Bands line as much as we loved creating this experience for you.


Keep It Sweet!

            Chrissy & Hailey